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Februari 2019
Backstage, Konsert & Kongress Linköping

Queenstreet Moonrunners

Queenstreet Moonrunners firar sin under hösten släppta EP med dunder och brak. Som om det inte vore nog med QM:s tredje spelning någonsin bjuder kvällen dessutom på två till av Linköpings absolut bästa liveakter: La Fleur Fatale och Ulrika Windolf.
Välkommen till en av 2019-års bästa konsertkvällar 2 februari på Backstage, Linköping Konsert & Kongress!

Queenstreet Moonrunners is a pop/rock/indie rock band from Linköping, Sweden.
The band members of QM contributes with a large diversity to the music thanks to the large variety of their musically backgrounds. They have played with different bands in genres like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Stoner Rock, Skate Rock, Indie Rock and Swedish Pop which all contributes to the QM style of Indie Rock.
Queenstreet Moonrunners made their debut concert in Petaluma, San Fransisco in July - 2017. The show got outstanding reviews from a several american music critics. After discussions one thing became clear - A studio album had to be made.
In the spring of 2018 QM went into the studio for their first EP which later was released in october -2018.
The band is really looking forward to their only third (!) gig which also is a celebration to the album released earlier this fall.
/Queenstreet Moonrunners
La Fleur Fatale is a psychedelic, power pop & full-on rock band that emerged from the wreckage of one of Sweden’s most promising bands, Planet Superfly. That dysfunctional and psyched-out arrangement came to an end but resulted in a new, glorious, musical dawning with a spectacular sunrise largely due to the arrival of new manager, Papa Bear. His spiritual, inspired and persuasive methods led the musicians to put aside their differences and embark on a psychedelic journey of sound after years of apathy and opiate-induced confrontations.
La Fleur Fatale is both behind and ahead of its time, riding high on the upcoming wave of the psych revival. Their 60s-inspired groove is embraced by the younger generation of today and those who actually saw that original era bloom. “Night Generation” is an album that has a feel of the 60s, but looks toward the future. It was released in Sweden in late 2007 and the single, “Children of Neon Lights”, was heard all over Swedish TV when it was used in the trailer for the launch of a new national station, TV4 Sport.
Following radio support in the US the band was signed to Promoter Missing Beat and invited to support the Electric Prunes on their US tour next summer. Album track, “Straightway Ride”, is included on a compilation album that one of the country’s leading health care providers gives as a gift to patients and clients. David LaFleur says, “Glad we're helping people to heal.”
The album has been subsequently released in Germany, Holland and got worldwide distribution through Cargo Records. La Fleur Fatale toured the UK in July to promote the release of the album there and enjoyed early rave reviews and airplay on XFM, Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie’s BBC Radio 2 show, BBC 6 Music, Express FM and Total Rock Radio.
La Fleur Fatale’s Sunshine Underground and Night Generation are used on the soundtrack of film maker Peter Svensson’s recently released documentary on windsurfing and some of its biggest stars, including Marcilio Browne, Francisco Porcella and Jason Polakow. Svensson has agreed to direct and shoot the video for the band’s next single (the first to be taken from the new album) in spring 2009. See or download the film at www.mistral.com. American Airlines has also just announced that a track off Night Generation will be playlisted on all its in-flight podcasts from October.
As the band’s growing following on MySpace and overwhelmingly positive response from the public and media all over the globe for their debut album, “Night Generation” shows, La Fleur Fatale is blooming beautifully.
/Biography by Lenise - Relentless PR
Det var sex år sen sist, men nu kommer Ulrika Windolf tillbaka till Linköping och spelar! Det blir avskalat och intimt med piano, fiol, loop-pedal och stämmor.
Tidigare i år släppte Ulrika EP:n ”Seven”, ett samarbete med producenten Christoffer Gustafsson där hon utvecklat en än mer unik ljudbild, med mycket atmosfär men där den sköra rösten och melodierna hela tiden står i
centrum. Tunga, drivande beats och mattor av synthar och orglar, sjunger Ulrika om hjärtesorg och att våga släppa taget. Det är skörhet, svärta och frustration.
”Her new track ”Now at last” sounds like a flowy, organ based dream” Amuse
Åldersgräns 18 år
Lokal Backstage, onumrerad ståplats
Denna kväll är vår Bistro stängd, men Backstagebaren är öppen för försäljning av dryck och lättare förtäring.
Önskar ni något enklare att äta så finns alltid vår Konsertmeny att beställa i baren. Konsertmenyn kräver ingen bordsbokning.
För mer information och kommande evenemang besök gärna vår hemsida www.konsertkongress.se

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